our history


The Round Rock Baptist Church was started on a rainy day, November 14, 2004. The thunderstorms rolled in that early morning. Having knocked on over 5,000 doors personally, Pastor Alvarez could not understand why it had to rain on that day. Twenty minutes before the service, he had welcomed two ladies and three children, till this day he still remembers their names. As he stood looking out the front doors of the conference center he was a bit discouraged. Knowing he could not control the weather, he simply said in his heart, “Lord, if all we have is five in our service, it’s okay we will try again next week!” He went upstairs to a private room to pray and compose himself. When it was time for the service to begin he came out and was surprised by all the visitors in the hallway. They had to bring in more chairs to accommodate everyone. The Lord had brought in exactly what he had prayed for, 100 on the opening service! The actual attendance for that day was 111, with 11 friends who had come for support. After the preaching service there where 20 who accepted Christ as their personal Saviour!! That opening service has served as the catalyst through these years of things to come.

Round Rock Baptist Church

The Old Settler's Tabernacle,

3300 E. Palm Valley Boulevard,

Round Rock, TX 78665

Phone. 512-787-2239

Email. roundrockbaptistchurch@aol.com